Full stops between us

So you were a virgin twice?

Where were you last night?

What did you do?

Who did you sleep with?

How was it?

Amidst full stops

I speak,

I ask

Still yet 

No forthcoming answer

Only fluent silence permeating our conversation

Only whispers from people around us

Only rumours that I hear from vile mouths.
We’d be together

We’d sit at that hotel

At Palmsprings

Dream of the perfect future…

Wedding at the costas of Mombasa

Walk across sand as soft as your walnut skin

Babies, two, three or maybe even four

Renata, Andreas, and maybe 

Little Margarita or Theo.
Living in this house of glass

No mud exists to dirty our sparkling feet

Nor dirt whatsoever upon the clean, clean Earth

No doubt

No boiling hearts

And lemon-tasting words

No wasps in our mouth 

No terror hide…

Just a bright future.
Yet full stops


A series of ellipses,

Making me wonder

When words ran out,

When the honey factory in your mouth

Depleted its reserves

When words became extinct,

When the altar cracked

The aisle was no longer what it used to be

The red carpet changed yellow –

The wedding gown becomes soiled

No longer sully

Dark as night

True as the lies you uttered.
The demons at the harbour shake at your sight,

The poison of the scorpion is underrated

The wind knows not of such shear destruction

The Earth spits,

A blub of saliva from another man’s mouth

Melts my inner core

Telling me of your atrocities

Saying that you are not the one I married.
Too many full stops between us,

A long speech of audible silence

A long chain of lies,

Say something…

You perceive it as a song

Just a refrain that I’ll sing

I wake up from my seat


Wondering how I can forgive you

If you can’t just utter the words:

Please, forgive me.

Only full stops

Full stops exist between us.

Author: mishotis20

Simply human.

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