Will you,
Let clouds gather
In front of your eyes,
And drop from them salty oceans?
Will you
Pour the water on the burning embers,
Let the pain burn to ashes,
Lock my palm into yours
Tell me all is alright,
And that healing is
Not a dream so farfetched?

Will you,
Show me the light peering
Through the clouds,
Show me that rainbow
That fights this deluge…
To a halt, no more shade of grey.

Will you,
Tell me hope is hear
The chemotherapy,
The frequent visits
To the ones with needles?
Tell me!
The white I wear signifies hope
Not peace awaits,
Tell me!
That once it’s done
My daughter may suckle milk
From these breasts my dear.

Will you
Tell me that
I’ll be that success story
The woman who beat cancer,
Even though tears of blood still stream
My face,
Each pain by night
Crushes my skull?

Mishley Otiende

Author: mishotis20

Simply human.

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